Congratulations on deciding to get married, and taking the next step in your relationship together.

Marriage is a public commitment of the relationship you already have and, by having your wedding officiated by our minister, Susan Cord, you will be making that commitment in a Christian wedding service, in the Church of Scotland tradition, before God, your family and friends. It is an exciting and joyous time.

Generally, if you wish to be married in either church, you or your fiancĂ©e need to live in Tore, North Kessock or Munlochy (and the surrounding areas), or regularly come to one of the churches or have a close family member who comes to one of the churches. If you don’t live in these areas, have you considered approaching your local church? You can find your local Church of Scotland church via this link

Also, your wedding does not have to be in either church building. Susan would be delighted to conduct your wedding in a hotel or wedding venue. Please do have a chat with her about this.

Susan, our minister, would be delighted to discuss with you your proposed wedding, either by phone or email. Her details may be found on the contacts page of this website.