Our sincere condolences for the loss of your loved one.  Death is always hard, and our thoughts and prayers are with you at this sad time.

The churches of Killearnan and Knockbain are parish churches, so we aim to serve all within the parishes, irrespective of whether or not they attend church or are a member. The parishes include the villages of Tore, Munlochy and North Kessock, and their surrounding areas. You or your loved one need only live within our parishes for Susan (or another minister, if she’s away) to conduct the funeral.

Susan will discuss funeral arrangements with you and tailor, as far as possible, the service around your wishes so it is a true reflection of the life of the person you have lost.  She will also offer ongoing pastoral care, for as long as that is needed.

There is a charge of £100 for using the Killearnan church building, but no fee for using the Knockbain building for the funeral. There’s also no fee payable to Susan. The funeral, though, does not have to be in church. It can be in a village hall, at your home, in the funeral director’s chapel, at the crem or graveside.

For more details, please either contact Susan directly or via your funeral director.