Easter Sunday

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Christ is Risen! He is risen indeed!

What a wonderful day yesterday was, when we remembered Jesus’ resurrection.

We began, early in the morning, in the graveyard of Killearnan Church. Recalling how the women went with broken hearts to the tomb, yet found it empty! Christ has risen! He is risen indeed.

That through that act, death is not the end and, one day, there will be no more pain or suffering or sorrow. But, that can be difficult to cling to, when we all have pain and sorrow and suffering to deal with. In response to our conviction that through the cross, the whole world received new life, and to acknowledge the pain, sorrow, suffering in our lives and the life of the world, we took our barren cross and turned it into a cross of life, in each congregation.

Killearnan’s daffodil cross

Knockbain’s daffodil cross

Christ is risen! He is risen indeed.